How To Pick A Tripod For YouTube & Videography

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Do you need a tripod for your YouTube channel? Well today Alex and Vlad will be giving away both of their tripod right after they show you how to select the right tripod for your needs without breaking the bank.

Welcome back to Kagan tech and the first tripod we are going to be taking a look at today is the WEIFENG WT-3570 photography tripod. This tripod is made for photographers, essentially you are suppose to just put your DSLR on there and shoot, you are not suppose to try to pan, you are not suppose to try to tilt, of course you can do those things but there are not going to be smooth.

So this tripod is not for video editors or people who want to shoot videos with b-roll and smooth sliding shot and smooth panning shot, it’s simply not going to work. It cost about 50 dollars on amazon and it’s a super budget tripod for YouTube, as long as you don’t need fluid shots.

Now this is the YUNTENG VCT-880 video tripod with the fluid head, you can pan smoothly with this, you can do awesome tilts and it’s made with high quality aluminium, it’s very sturdy, it cost only 90 dollars on amazon and this is the ultimate new YouTuber video tripod with the fluid head on a budget.

So most tripod fall in this category, photography and videography, now how do you decide which is best for you? A lot of youtubers watch videos where some other famous youtuber’s tell them things like you can get by with a photography tripod you don’t need to buy an expensive video tripod, that is a complete lie. If you want to make awesome youtube videos like Jonathan morrison at some point in your YouTube career, you are definitely going to need a fluid head, without a fluid head you can’t get those awesome pan shots and those awesome tilt shot, it’s not just going to look as good. If all you are doing is leaving the camera in one position and speaking to the camera and just recording yourself then you might get by with a photography tripod, in that case you don’t necessarily need a fluid head.

So we are going to be giving away both of this tripods today, the WEIFENG WT-3570. I’m going to be giving away in a facebook group called YouTube redcafe, so if you are a new youtuber or you are just starting out a YouTube channel, you should definitely look to join that group, link in the description below and the second tripod that is the YUNTENG VCT-880 I will be giving it away when this video hits a hundred likes, subscribe, smash that like button and leave a comment below telling me exactly why you deserve to win the video tripod.

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