3 Ways To Prevent Your Hard Drive From Dying

Video Transcript

Welcome back to kagan tech and today we are going to be talking about 3ways you can prevent your hard drive from dying. So there are three drives on this table, two of them are dead.

The first one is the SILICON POWER MILITARY GRADE Rugged 2-TERABYTE HARD DRIVE that I got from amazon for about a 100 dollars… it lasted only five months.

The second one is WESTERN DIGITALS 2-TERABYTES hard drive that cost about 80 dollars on amazon and this one lasted only about seven months.

Now, the last one is SEAGATE’s PORTABLE SLIM 2-TERABYTE HARD DRIVE…of the three this is the only one that still works, so I’m going to show you three ways that I made sure of that and how you can make sure your hard drives don’t die on you as well.

STEP 1: DO NOT KEEP YOUR HARD DRIVES ANYWHERE AROUND SPEAKERS, anything that has a huge magnet keep it away from your hard drive. It’s a common practice to leave your hard drives laying around your speakers especially if you are somebody who listens to a lot of music but you need to understand that this is actually the fastest way to fry your hard drive, in fact it’s the most reliable way to fry your hard drive.

STEP 2: no matter how cool you think it looks do not be like this guy… do not throw your hard drive around… make sure you always care for them as that’s the easiest way to damage your hard drive. Which brings us to our third step

STEP 3: its always best to buy a protective case for your hard drives…yes, it might be SP ARMOR…yes, it might be MILITARY GRADE or whatever but you still need to protect your hard drives cause if you don’t eventually its going to get damaged. So the case in this video is the amazon basics hard drive protect that cost only about 7 dollars… you are mostly advised to buy this with any hard drive you buy on amazon and for $7 its not to much for you to spend if you are already spending $100 on hard drive… its just $7 buy it.

I hope this video was helpful…thank you so much for watching my video and catch you again on the next one.

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