Bluedio Turbine T3+ Review

This is my review of the Bluedio Turbine T3+ 3rd generation bluetooth headphones!

Saying these are a great pair of headphones would probably be an understatement, they are better than great. Great battery life, great sound, great design… The only thing that really sucks about them is the discomfort after continuous use. I personally try to curb this problem of discomfort by only using them for about an hour or 2 at a stretch.

The price is also a major factor to consider, as at the time this video was recorded they are available for around $50 on amazon and trust me when I say they sound like a pair of $250 headphones. If you compared this to the beats pro/detox or the Ferrari cavalino T250s the Bluedio headphones will win hands down.

I personally think that these headphones don’t get the attention they deserve because they are made by a Chinese company. (Chinese headphones are known to fail after a while although mine hasn’t and I don’t think its luck). These headphones also have pretty awesome battery life, due to the fact that I never use them for more than 2 hours in a day I sometimes get up to 3 weeks of usage out of them before I have to recharge. (Insane right?)

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