How To Fix Dell Chromebook 11 Headphone Jack Not Working

Ever plugged in your headphones into your Chromebook only to realise sound is still only coming out through the in-built Chromebook speakers and not your headphones?

If you are like me you might have thought for a second, “Maybe I didn’t put it in right or maybe something is obstructing”. A good half an hour later you realise the problem has nothing to do with the headphones or how you put it in but it seems your headphone jack on your Chromebook is dead. Oh My!

In most cases your headphone jack is not dead! In fact this is probably just a software bug from the last time you updated your Chromebook. Don’t panic at all or start trying to send it in for a replacement. You would be better served simply following the instructions below before doing something drastic like a power wash!


  • The only solution that worked for me was click profile/settings menu – bottom right corner and then proceeding to click the greater sign arrow in front of the audio volume knob then manually switching the output to the headphone jack with my headphones plugged in. After doing this, for some reason the bug was “auto-fixed” and the Chromebook went right back to switching properly and recognising headphones.
  • If that didn’t work for you you might consider turning off your Chromebook and turning it back on.
  • If all else fails you could try doing a power wash, if you do not have a lot of personal data on the Chromebook. (I assume most Dell Chromebook users use their Chromebook along with an external hard drive considering the fact that you get less than 9GB of SSD space on the device itself).

The Dell Chromebook is a great solution for student’s and people who generally do a lot of their work inside their browser. Great for travelling writers, journalists and it can do almost everything you would be needing on the fly.

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