Pocket Friendly: How To Carry Less Stuff Around

Everything is getting smaller and portable these days with technology and almost every aspect of life is creating more “pocket friendly” everything. The idea of carrying less stuff around makes a lot of sense on some days. Carrying your necessities in your pocket without feeling so much stress as opposed to trudging a bag or purse or pack around always outshines every option for me. Even if you have a natural preference to carry around a bag, this is for days when you don’t feel like.

The essence of this write up is for days like that and for those of us that love a life with less baggage and effectiveness. Here’s what you should have handy:

  • Phone: Mobile phones are getting slimmer, wider and can easily slide into front pockets now. This being a huge necessity, it should always be with you without adding more stress.
  • Wallet: I’ve had a discussion that almost became an argument on how wallets are just for men now with a couple of friends and I am strongly against that because it is a very effective tool for making my life easy. Your wallet can carry everything;
  • Money
  • Debit card
  • Driver’s license
  • Receipts
  • Other random cards (complimentary cards)
  • Piece of paper (I always have this with me because I always need to note things to remember and to record me thoughts that come at any time especially when my phone is dead, so…)
  • I.D card
  • Hospital card (you should always have this with you because emergencies happen at any time)
  • Safety pin (don’t be surprised but it has come in very useful especially when I’ve had zipper emergencies)
  • Tooth pick/ floss pick
  • A handkerchief / tissue: You’ll always encounter something that needs to be wiped quickly. Although this is underrated now, it is a big necessity.
  • A pen: This is a hard one to agree with but I almost always have a small pen with me because I am a very forgetful person and I always need to take notes (this is where the tiny piece of paper in the wallet comes in) especially when my phone is dead and I can’t take notes. As long as it doesn’t spill ink, won’t poke into my thigh and won’t completely ruin the outline of anything I have on.

Remember, this is only necessary when you do not want to deal with extra load for too long and if you have no plans to stay out for too long.

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