Learning How To Mind Your Business

This is almost impossible to do these days with people forgetting their manners at home, people making choices that are very different from yours and the internet being accessible to almost everyone. Every day, we are faced with new experiences that test our patience. Here’s the tactic I use when I am faced with insanity in any form;

  • Study the situation very well for a short period of time. Pay attention to the details of the situation and understand how the whole thing is and move on quickly.
  • Say nothing at all: Even if questions are thrown at you or your opinion is asked for, say nothing at all. Just give a small smile, shake your head or act like you heard nothing. Ignore the option of saying anything or involving yourself in something that isn’t about you.
  • Distract yourself: When your attention is on something else, you won’t remember to pry into the lives of other people or their choices. Do anything to aid the process of distracting yourself, use earphones or switch sites if it’s something that is all over the internet (but it is everybody’s business when it’s on the internet).
  • Make your life too interesting: The more you do with your time, the less time you have to poke your nose in another person’s business.
  • Remember that nobody owes you an explanation for any choice they make. If people choose to put zippers in their hair or bleach their skin or spend lavishly, it is really none of your business and you do not need to know why.

If you have a history with dabbling in the businesses of others, stop it completely by phasing out of it. There is never a right way to involve yourself in another person’s life even if you’re asked to. Easing out of a habit like this can be really hard sometimes but it’s always a process.

  • Say less: There should be a noticeable reduction in your comments on anything that is not your business. If you happen to discuss these things with other people, they should be the first to notice that you’re losing interest in talking about other people.
  • Have someone around you to remind you or correct you when you start slipping up and getting in too deep. When you have someone that will not let you have your way with your bad habit, you’re on the right track.


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