Controlling Excitement For Dummies! – Helpful Tips

Excitement is never a bad thing but there is a time and place to show it. I have expressed happiness and excitement in the wrong place and at the wrong time because I had no discipline. The response from the people around me made me pull myself together and act right.

I have had to deal with my overexcitement in some really funny ways. I learnt how to handle this quickly and I will be very happy to share:

  • Scan your environment: You need to check where you are properly before you blow up with all your happiness. Do not explode with joy in a public place (unless it involves the birth of a new child) because people will look at you like you are insane and some might even offer to help your condition.
  • Check the people you are with: If you are with people that will be happy with you, then be free to express it. When the people that are around you are not really into the “celebration mood”, bottle it up and wait till you’re in the privacy of your own space or you could just wait it out.
  • Poker face: Practice and perfect your poker face. This is quite hard but that’s why practice is absolutely necessary. You can’t get big news and be smiling when somebody you know is going through hell or facing something major. That is pretty disrespectful to the person. A simple “wow” will suffice for the moment then you could return to whatever you were doing.
  • Mince your words: Do not be quick to put your excitement into words especially around some people that won’t respond the way you expect. Even if you explode with joy and it’s obvious on your face, be careful with what you say.
  • If you can, distract your thoughts. I know how hard this can be but it works wonders almost all the time. Pretend something else is happening especially if the cause for excitement is not something that needs to be handled immediately.

Being a sensitive person and knowing when to expose all the goodness that you’re bottling up will go a long way. Humans are pretty self-centered so there will be a hint of unease when you bring up good news they really can’t handle at the time or if you’re in a place with people that will not understand why you’re so happy (example: a funeral service). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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