10 Best Players To Buy On Football Manager Handheld 2015

Have you been looking for a list of best young players or simply the best players to buy¬†on Football manager handheld 2015? Well, if you have been looking but haven’t found one so far, you just did!

This list contains all the best players on the game that make our top 10 and this is regardless of price. Some of these player cost a premium while others are incredibly affordable. Either ways, we will also try to point out how to best fit them into your teams so you get the best out of them.

Without wasting your time:

  1. Wilfried Bony

Wilfried Bony

Bony is already a Manchester City player on this installment of the game and he will bang in a smooth 40-45 goals every season if given adequate playing time. He will win the world best player award every season ahead of Messi if you give him a chance! But then what happens to Aguero you ask?

Aguero will perform just find holding his own in an advanced playmaker/inside forward role behind Bony. Bony will perform best when used as a poacher and he will score in almost every game. Multiple goals per game in most cases.

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