Where to Get the Best Free Online Courses

Education freaks in the house, let me hear you say ‘Yeah Yeah’… Silence? Okay, moving on. Today we will be talking about where you can great courses for free online. Online Courses or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are essentially a great way of gaining theoretical, practical and up-to-date knowledge that you might not otherwise get in a regular classroom. This information can be in science, arts, programming, communication and even business.

In no particular order, I have listed some of the top sites I know of (I haven’t used all, I confess) that offer free courseware periodically that can be of practical use to anybody be it secondary school student, Jambite, Undergrad or even you who is done with school.

  1. Edx (edx.org): EdX is my favourite online learning platform because at Edx you get courses offered to you from various top institutions like Harvard, MIT, University of Washington, and even the Smithsonian Museum. At Edx, courses include science courses (taken a few of those), programming courses in Java, C++, Python, Ruby and Basic (and a host of others), food, business, public speaking, culture, music, comic books and so many other wonderful disciplines. The great thing about edX is that you can take the course for free or choose to pay (around $25-$50) for a signed certificate or settle for the free ‘Honor Code’ certificate. Some courses on edX are self-paced i.e. you can take them for however long you want while some have a fixed duration. EdX is a great place to take courses during holidays or when you want something special.
    The downside of edx is that they aren’t on mobile yet and not all courses are available on the Android app (none for iOS yet as at the last time I checked). Also, edx relies very heavily on video. If you’re using a regular data plan, you may want to upgrade to an unlimited WiFi network before using edx.
  2. Code Academy (codecademy.com): Codecademy (Code Academy) is one of the most useful sites you will ever come across if you are interested in programming. Codecademy gives self-paced classes broken into sections and modules to make learning to code as easy as States and Capitals (honestly, it is really that easy). Codecademy offers HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript. What’s more, Codecademy offers it all for free! Absolutely no cost at all! Again, Codecademy isn’t very good on mobile either.
  3. Alison (alison.com): Alison has one of the widest curriculums I have come across online with hundreds if not thousands of courses and at least 50 different categories. Alison also offers diploma courses too. While Alison has a wide range of courses, I don’t really like the fact that the website has so many ads which can interfere with the learning process. A great thing about Alison is that there isn’t the heavy reliance on video like edX. Most Alison courses are text-based and are relatively easy to grasp (provided you get over the part of the annoying ads). Alison also issues out downloadable certificates too.
  4. Push CV (pushcv.com): I haven’t had the opportunity to take a course with Push CV and so all my reviews are going to just be on the surface. From what I have observed, they have quite a few interesting MOOCs on their website which are mostly focused around business and leadership.

Other great sites you can check out include Coursera (www.coursera.com) and MIT’s Open Courseware site (www.ocw.mit.edu)

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