Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in Ibadan

I’m sure when manna fell down from heaven it was in the form of little packs of ice cream raining from the sky. Well, since we have no manna, we have to make do with the ice cream we have here. In this article, I will be talking about a couple of my favourite ice cream places in Ibadan.

  1. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt: Tutti Frutti is by far my best ice cream place in Ibadan. Located on the first floor of the Ventura Mall, Samonda; Tutti Frutti is an ideal place for a quiet evening with friends and loved ones. Tutti Frutti currently serves only five flavours (huge turn-off) of ice cream: red velvet, salted caramel, baileys, vanilla and bubblegum (my favourite!)* but have a whole lot of toppings from Maltesers to Mars bars to coconut shavings and even plantain chips (kpekere). FroYo at Tutti Frutti goes for N110/oz and a typical cup ranges from N400 – N900. POS and cash payments are accepted. PS: Tutti Frutti changes their flavours alot; the only constants seem to be red velvet and baileys. Tutti Frutti opens everyday from 9am and closes by 7pm.Tutti Frutti Ibadan Toppings QWT
  2. Frostyz Ice Cream: It is virtually impossible to talk about ice cream in Ibadan without talking about Frostyz. Frostyz has the widest range of ice cream flavours in any ice cream place I’ve ever been to in Ibadan with around 23 different flavours ranging from tiramisu to mango, from chocolate to rum, watermelon to vanilla and so many more obscure things. Ice cream at Frostyz goes for N300/scoop and one palette usually takes up to three scoops. You can also buy the ice cream in a cone for a slightly cheaper price. Frostyz is located at Osuntokun Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan. The open from 10:00am to 7pm everyday.Frostyz Ice Cream Selection Ibadan QWT
  3. Coldstone Creamery: As much as I don’t exactly fancy Coldstone, it would be sacrilege to talk about ‘best ice cream’ without mentioning Coldstone. Coldstone serves a wide variety of flavours and toppings and their ice cream even comes with deals (on pizza and cake and combinations of ice cream flavours). Coldstone is located at Mobil, Oluyole Area, Ibadan.
  4. Fan Milk Retail Store (UI Area): Why is Fan Milk retail store on my list? Well Fan Milk sells cheap Fan ice cream that is relatively good (and the store is beside my house, duh). 0.25 liters of ice cream goes for N200, 0.5 liters of triple treat ice cream (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate) or any single flavour goes for N400, 1 liter of the same goes for N650 and 5 liters goes for N2, 000. Fan Milk also sells chocolates and toppings independently. A great place to go for your ice cream fix when low on funds or when you want to have a get together in your home.

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