How to turn on Activity Light on Dell Chromebook 11 (LED light behind device)

The dell Chromebook 11 was designed for students, for the most part. The activity lights on the back of the sleek carbon fibre device are supposed to help teachers and students communicate when they are asking questions, raising their hands or are in need of help. But that’s not all, the activity light can also sometimes be used to indicate network activity if you are lucky enough to live in a country that has 4G LTE sim cards that will work with your device. (I was able to enjoy this feature very briefly!)

All these possibilities with the activity light sounds impressive, especially when you consider the fact that there are 3 colors indicating 3 different things. It is however entirely useless if you can’t get the light to work at all no?

On purchasing and taking delivery of my Chromebook 11 I had to struggle with this for about 30 minutes before I realized the application that controls the lights does not come factory bundled with the device.

You need to download an application from the Chrome Web Store called Dell Activity Light which will give you controls to toggle between the colors blue, yellow and red.

How to turn on Activity Light on Dell Chromebook 11

In my honest opinion this is a beautifully useless idea/feature — I really do not see how this will help teachers and students streamline anything but well. At least now you know how you can turn those lights on, the LED behind your Chromebook is yours to control.

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