How to Take Screenshots on PC

Pre-Article Note: This article is focused on computers running the Windows Operating System.

I’ve had a number of people ask me how I take screenshots on my PC and so today, I will share the (not so) secret with you. Screenshots are very useful when illustrating or trying to show someone the current progress of a project say a graphic design.

From those pesky sites that don’t let you save pages to that one chat where bae confessed to being in love with you, you can capture them all using a screenshot. In this article, we will be talking about two methods of screen shooting (one, really, since the first doesn’t work for everybody).

  1. PrntScr: I’m sure all our laptops computers have this pesky little button/key, located sometimes near the Delete key, other times at some other part of the keyboard. Basically, ‘Print Screen’ is supposed to take a screenshot of your current window when you hit the key however, in all my laptop years, this key has never worked -_-, although I have seen at least two other users who have successfully used this button for screenshots. If you have the key, it would not hurt to try it.
    PS: I just hit mine five times and it still won’t print -_-.
  2. Screenshot Software: Another (much more reliable) method is to use a third party screen grabber software which can interface seamlessly with your laptop. Currently, I use PC Screen Capture 2.3 (really, that’s the name) and it works wonderfully with my computer. PC Screen Capture is a freeware that can be downloaded from your favourite file sharing websites (4Shared, Brothersoft, File Hippo etc) or by simply Google-searching the name. PC Screen Capture lets you capture the whole desktop, an area, your active window or you can even select the particular object you want to capture.
    To use it very well, you can hide your taskbar so that it does not impede the image you are trying to capture. You can do this by going to the desktop and hovering over the taskbar, right click on the taskbar and select ‘Properties’; check the ‘Auto-hide the taskbar’ option and voila! Your taskbar will automatically disappear; it can be brought out by using the mouse pointer to hover over the area where the taskbar should be or by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard. 

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