How to Take Pictures in Restricted Places

Have you ever gone to the movies or a restaurant or an event and you want to take pictures then a beefy armed security guard walks up to you and says “Eskiss me sah, ya not allowed to snap pictures hia”?

I don’t know about you, but that really annoys me. In this article, I will tell you of a few ways to take pictures in these kinds of places (PS: Don’t try any of them in the American Embassy, you will get yourself arrested and QuickWayTo will deny you LOL… No seriously, we are not liable under any circumstances!). For security reasons, do not use these methods in places like banks or government offices because you really can be arrested if you do. Okay? Let’s proceed.

  1. The Fake Selfie Method: The Fake Selfie Method works in places like cinemas and restaurants and public buildings; the security guards can very well tell you not to snap the place but can’t tell you not to snap yourself. To get a picture like this, you would need to use the front-camera the same way you would take a selfie but you make sure you capture the background or place you want rather than yourself. You can also make ridiculous poses to sell your lie better.
  2. The Sun-on-Screen Method: This particular method works for outdoor places like statues and monuments (Did you know that Security does not let people take pictures of the University of Ibadan’s main gate? Yeah, absurd I know). In this method, you walk forward pretending to be engrossed in your phone (of course you’re actually looking for the camera app) and then you point your camera at the place you want to snap using your hand to shade your screen. It would look like you are trying to find something on your phone and the sun is disturbing you.
    PS: Remember to turn off your flash and remember that this method only works in the daytime.
  3. Secret Camera Method: In this method, you would need to hold your camera or phone close to you when snapping. It particularly works in places like cinemas or when you’re trying to capture an image of a friend. To use this method, you would need to hold your phone low (around chest level and by your side) and capture images (using burst mode is advisable) quickly. In this method, nobody is supposed to know you are taking pictures. Also, be wary of CCTV (security cams) when using this method as they are a sure way to get busted.
  4. The Brazen Method: Of course as the name implies, this method is about being brazen. You walk into a place and capture a few pictures (please don’t set up a tripod or something similar), making sure to be seen (or not). Doing this requires you to bluff your way through the situation and so plaster a frown of annoyance and nonchalance and when a security guard says “Eskiss me sah, ya not allowed to snap pictures hia” you tell him “Paddin? Plix come again” and when he repeats that you can’t snap, smile and agree to leave (hopefully when you have taken the pictures).

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