How to make less mistakes and typos when typing on Android & iOS devices

This post is interesting because a few months back this solutions would have been available exclusively to Android users and no iOS users – – but times have really changed haven’t they.

Its a common thing, especially with Android users whose keyboards primarily don’t auto-correct with gumption. Simple words like “singing” can end up as “signing”, on becomes if, your R becomes a T and so on. Clearly auto-correct is doing you no good – – basically just ruining your life and making you look like you can’t spell every time you are chatting with your crush.

So what do you do now? I’d tell you. Instead of downloading yet another keyboard that advertises great auto-correcting features why not download an adaptive one. A keyboard that not only learns how you type and the errors you regularly make, but also corrects them and finishes your sentences. A keyboard that treats you no different than being in a relationship.

Swift Key

Yes you heard it,  SwiftKey keyboard is a flexible 3rd party keyboard that will help you type more and make less mistakes. It is not without its negatives though – –  for example SwiftKey has been known to lag for a couple of seconds on lower end devices. Devices that generally have less than 1GB of ram. This can be very irritating, but luckily most devices that we get now usually hit the minimum memory requirement of 1GB.

I have never tested SwiftKey on lower end devices like the Injoo or the infinix line but I have tested it on Tecno, HTC, Samsung and a few older iOS devices and it worked just fine.

To drive my point home, this post was drafted and written using a SwiftKey keyboard. Hopefully there are no typos in here and you see exactly what I mean when I say everyone needs an adaptive Keyboard.

To download SwiftKey on the Google Playstore go here

To download SwiftKey for iOS devices go here

And for the people who like their keyboard to look a certain way or be a certain colour, you are in luck because swift key is also highly customizable. Different colors and shades and what not.
SwiftKey Keyboard

You would also be happy to know, unlike most other keyboards, all your keystrokes and habits are synced to the cloud. This means that every time you change your phone you don’t have to start afresh, simply sign in to the SwiftKey application on your new device and it will begin to rework all your typing habits with your new device. Impressive no?

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