How to find a job online in Nigeria

Getting suitable employment is gradually becoming a myth in Nigeria, there are mostly no jobs — especially for fresh university graduates. When jobs are available,  most positions usually require an obscene amount of “work experience in a related field or capacity”.

How fresh graduates still bursting with life and a desire to work hard and get rich will find 15 years experience for a job they may or may not be overqualified for is beyond me. But you are expected to acquire said experience.

Over the years there has been an increase in the number of job listing boards who want to help you get work… Well not you, I mean — you are reading this because you need employment but we already established that most of the jobs available on these boards are not for people without a ridiculous amount of experience. Which is why we at QWT are proud to introduce you to a sister website called Joblanda.


What is Joblanda doing differently from other job and employment listing boards in Nigeria? Well for starters, Joblanda tries to focus on listing out the jobs by companies and organisations and also cater to the insatiable need for fresh graduate job vacancies in Nigeria.

You can literally only check for jobs that are meant for fresh graduates or people without a significant amount of experience and land that job even quicker. It also helps to subscribe for email updates and follow the social media accounts so that you can get real time updates as well as email updates of new available job vacancies in Nigeria.

You can find Joblanda on Facebook & Twitter at or

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