How to Check System Specs on Windows

Pre Article Note: This article pertains only to computers running the Windows Operating System.

Sometimes you might want to download a software or a game or a program and then on the webpage, you read the minimum or recommended system requirements but aren’t quite sure whether your computer meets those specifications. Before now, you might probably have googled your computer model and added the ‘specs’ or ‘specifications’ keyword to narrow down the search results (God knows, I have).

Well, you can actually check your system specifications on your computer itself, without having to connect to the internet or read some review or be bothered by all the technicalities. System specifications include processor speed, RAM available, name of processor, rotations per minute, graphics cards, audio devices, etc.

For the basic system specs, open your Windows Explorer and select ‘This PC’ or the corresponding option on your version of Windows, click on System Properties (at the top of the screen) and voila, you have your basic PC information. You can check around that screen for more details, your computer’s performance index and so forth.

Desktop > This PC – System Properties

If that information is not enough for you, you can go further and check your entire system specifications rather than a summary. Open your default write disk (i.e. the hard disk that your operating system is installed on), open the folder named Windows, open the folder named System32 and scroll to msinfo32 and double click on it. This would bring out a big menu from where you can check all your system specifications.

Desktop > This PC > Generic Disk Name (C: ) > Windows > System32 – msinfo32.iso

system info

Conversely, you can also search ‘System Information’ on your Windows Search field. This however might not work if you have indexing turned on or use utility apps like Tune-Up.

If these system specs are still not enough for you, you might want to contact the manufacturer -____-

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