Tips on managing your Android’s Battery Life

Sometimes you are without power or a power bank and you have to manage your Android’s power manually (as the power management apps are mostly crap) and so this article talks on some simple ways to manage your battery without losing too much functionality is some areas.

Not to state the obvious, but turning off your data does wonders for your battery, increasing the life exponentially. If you need to have a conversation on say Whatsapp or BBM, you can use the Restrict Background Data function. What this does is that it turns off the data on your phone so that only apps that you are currently using have access to the data. This not only saves battery life, it also saves data. To access it, go to settings – data usage – (more i.e. the three vertical dots at the top right) – select Restrict background data.

Clear unused apps. Androids run a cache which keeps all open apps mostly refreshed and up to date even when the phone is idle. When you are done with any app, hold the home screen button to bring up the app list and clear all those you are not using at that particular time.

If your phone uses two SIM cards, put off any one that you are not using to save the battery as even the network searches consume battery power.

Not to state the obvious again, but as much as possible, reduce the brightness of your screen especially if you use a phone which has an AMOLED, Super AMOLED or Retina Glass screen (e.g. Samsung notes and Galaxys). You can always set the backlighting to ‘auto’ which adjusts the brightness of your screen based on your environment.

Put off your widgets and feeds. When saving your battery, home screen and lock screen widgets are your enemies. If your data is on, disable the widgets by dragging them out of the screen. If it is off, you can always do the same to be sure, but they generally use less power. Widgets like the latest version of Facebook, Flipboard or CNN are bonafide enemies of your battery and data.

If you use a mobile assistant like Google Now or that cool Sony voice control thing or if you somehow got Cortana unto Android, they will kill your battery life as they are constantly online to assist you.

If you use high end devices, turn off features like S-Voice and Air Gestures, basically, turn off all sensors that you are not using. Sensors are another enemy of battery life.

Last but not least, save your settings to the phone or a power saver app as ‘power saver’ mode so you don’t have to repeat the process from the beginning the next time you want to save your battery. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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