Tips on Leading a Purposeful Life

This article was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s The Domain of Arnheim or The Landscape Garden. When I first read the story, it affected me profoundly and I have here decided to share some of the secrets Poe shared in his own short story.

Leading a life of purpose is not easy as there are numerous distractions from numerous sources. Without further ado, here are the outlined points

  • The chief precursor for a life of bliss and purpose is health. Everything in life boils down to health and how to extend life; one can never be truly happy if they are not in sound health. To achieve this state of health, frequent exercises and proper eating habits are of the highest importance. These eating habits and exercises should not be seen as means to an end but a way of life. Making a habit of walking as much as you can so you can see some funny spectacle or spending time jogging on weekends to scope out babes is a good way of making exercises fun.
  • The second precursor is the love of a woman (or man). BrymO says in his song that ‘we all need something and someone’ and this is one of the bases for a happy life. Finding someone to love who loves you back is truly hard and is oftimes the crowning of a person’s life’s work. When this is found, it is often the beginning of true happiness and purpose.
  • The concept of ambition. To truly be happy, there should be a physical or economic goal that we hope to achieve. Whether it is to be the best writer to ever life or to be the President, we all should have an ambition as this gives us a purpose and focus in our daily lives. This ambition should also have some financial and economic remuneration as happiness and indeed love can hardly thrive in squalor.
  • An object of unceasing pursuit or in other words, religion. There should be a fundamental question we strive to answer or some fundamental problem we hope to crack, for movie fans, an example of an object of unceasing pursuit in a series like Kyle XY is Kyle’s search for his origins. For a lot of human beings, it is the search of ‘life after death’, ‘God’ or the ‘afterlife’. For scientists, it usually is the origin of the world (something must have causes the big bang, right?); Poe maintains that the extent of attainable happiness is in proportion to the spirituality of the object.

Your own object of unceasing pursuit might be how to improve the quality of education in Nigeria, or how to reduce maternal death during childbirth or anything you so choose, but always remember that you are responsible for your own happiness and sadness and the only thing holding you back is you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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