Tips on how to pick Friends

After spending a while discussing with a longtime friend of mine, I decided to write this article on how to pick friends. Picking friends is based on a whole lot of criteria which differs from person to person; however, there are some points which everyone should consider before they pick anyone as their friend.

Friendship is a form of symbiosis where each party brings something to the table, friends complement each other and learn from each other and this is the foundation of true friendship

When picking a friend, one of the major things you should consider is yourself. Think about your flaws and defects and everything which makes you you. Understand that you are unique and you are the master of your own happiness. When you are content within your own skin, then you can look outward to find someone or some people who complement you.

Before you pick a friend, another thing you should consider is whether you can actually stand their company. If you do not like people with mouth odour, picking a friend who unfortunately has this defect is just a seed for friction.

What do they bring to the table? When in a friendship, it might not be apparent what the other party brings to the table. You need to analyze critically and observe whether you were made a better person in the time you have known them, whether you are the same or whether you’re even worse. What a person brings to the table might be emotional, social, financial, economic or spiritual.

Encouragement. I would like to say that there is a difference between friends and guys. Your ‘guy’ is someone who you might go read with or drink with or hang out with. Your guy is usually someone very much like you whose company you enjoy. Your guy usually wants to go scope out babes with you or advices you to spend all your money drinking because ‘You Only Live Once’. Your guy can be your friend but not always. Your friend is someone who advices you to settle down and be a better person, someone who tells you the hard truth even when you don’t want to hear it. Your friend encourages you when you’re down and helps you do more.

Last but not least, pick a friend who can see you for who you really are and who is not ashamed of you with your faults and flaws. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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