Tips on how to grow your Beard

Everybody wants to be Beardgang but few ever have respectable looking beards that make you stand out in a gathering of the Bearded. I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to keep your beard well groomed if you’re growing it from scratch.

Like all things good, growing a beard takes time, practice and patience. While some people are naturally hairy and grow beards faster than some, others have to take a lot of time to achieve a respectable beard length. These are the people I will cater to today.

  • Since you aren’t very hairy naturally and your beard is just beginning to grow profusely, you will have to sacrifice the first six months to a year in getting your beard to grow fast. The first month of not shaving is usually the hardest as it is at this period that you look unkempt and untidy rather like than a venerable member of beardgang.
  • After your first month (or six weeks) of beard growth, shave it off completely using a shaving stick with shaving foam (or soap) not a clipper and not shaving powder. Admittedly, your face would look naked but this is the price to pay for the beard. To avoid bumps, rub Vaseline on your freshly cut face (or the red close-up toothpaste) and massage in. You can wear the Vaseline out but you would need to wash off the toothpaste so it is advisable you do it before bathing.
  • Do not carve your beard or even trim it. When growing your beard for the first time, leave it to grow wild as carving or trimming some areas makes them grow faster than others, giving you a slightly lopsided look. When your beard has achieved a respectable length, then you can carve it.
  • Oil your beard when going out. I do not know of any beard products so I use pure olive oil on my beard to keep it healthy and shiny anytime I want to step out. I really don’t know if it does anything more but keep it healthy and full of nutrients with some choice oil or facial hair product. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.


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