Three Ways to Increase Productivity

Ever had a project to do and couldn’t think of how to start or have you ever wanted to write an article and didn’t know what to write about or something more common: you were writing an exam but the answer to a particular problem kept eluding you? This article talks of a few simple ‘hacks’ that you can employ when you hit such snags.

  • Circular Thinking:

    To illustrate this, let us use the analogy of examinations. You are sitting in an examination hall and there is a particular question e.g. ‘When is photosynthesis? you know that you know the answer but when you’re on the verge of grasping it, it slips out of your mind’s eye. Chances are you would never get it if you think about it directly. To go about this sort of problem, think of the human brain like a search engine, Google. If you keep googling the same keywords but only changing the arrangement, chances are, you would get different results every time you searched but 8 out of every 10 results would be repetitions. Search seemingly random keywords and you would get results that would perhaps trigger your associative memory. In your mind, photosynthesis might be associated with something austere like corn. When in an exam, corn would never come to your mind right? So that’s the trick. Think about something parallel to what you’re looking for or think in circles.


  • Mind Blank:

    One of my favorite methods of remembering things lost. Using a different analogy, think of the brain like a river. If you are searching for a particular leaf in the river and you keep diving into it, rowing hard on a boat and all that, you would disturb the waters and even if the leaf did float up to the surface, you would not see it. To get around this, do something totally unrelated. For me, when I’m trying to get something done and I’m hitting a snag, I draw aliens or write grimdark poetry. Whatever it is you do, it should be something relaxing, preferably involving little brain activity. This helps your brain ‘work in the background’ and sort information. When your mind has been blank for long enough, chances are the answer to whatever it is you are searching for will float up to the surface like a leaf visible on the surface of a calm river.


  • Take a cold shower:

    For some reason, taking a cold bath helps increase productivity exponentially. According to an article I read somewhere, the cold water has a shocking effect on the brain that forces it to ‘override’ and thus helps information sort out. Before I wrote this article, I was at a loss for what to write about and so I took a cold shower and in the bathroom, it hit me.

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