Quickest Ways to Cook Stew

Nobody cooks stews better (and faster) than mothers and so I got my mama on this one. I’ve always been mad at myself when I have to cook a stew and have just a few minutes but end up spending more than a few hours cooking, which usually isn’t my fault, but nevertheless annoying.

Mama says the quickest ways to cook stew depends on the meat used for the cooking and in this article we will talk about the quickest ways to cook stew using beef, hard chicken and soft chicken. In this article, we assume that the reader has a bit of experience with cooking and is not a total noob (newbie).

To cook a stew, we need the following basic ingredients

  • Blended pepper
  • Blended (or canned) tomatoes
  • Chopped onions
  • Spices
  • Vegetable Oil (Palm oil follows a different procedure)
  • Washed meat
  • Salt and dry pepper

Using beef follow the following procedure

  • Wash the beef thoroughly and spice for boiling
  • Put the beef on the fire to boil;
  • When the beef has started boiling but is not yet soft;
  • Add all ingredients (pepper, tomatoes, spices, onions, oil etc.) And cover the pot.
  • Leave to boil as desired (the timeframe changes if you use a kerosene, gas or electric stove)
  • The stew is ready.

Using hard chicken follow the procedure

  • If you want the chicken fried, wash the chicken and spice it thoroughly
  • Put it in a pot as if for boiling and add a measure of vegetable oil to it (do not add oil if you want the chicken plainly boiled/cooked)
  • Leave it on the fire for some minutes (this will broil the chicken: it will have a crisp exterior with the inside being tender). When it begins to pop, add the pepper, tomatoes, spices, oil, onions, etc. and cover the pot.
  • Leave to boil.
  • The stew is ready.

Using soft chicken follow the procedure

  • Wash the chicken thoroughly
  • Spice it for boiling (or broiling) and leave to marinate (sit) for thirty minutes – one hour before the other parts of the stew start being prepared.
  • Put your pepper and tomatoes in a separate pot and leave to boil for a bit;
  • When boiling, add oil and spices shortly followed by the chicken.
  • Cover the pot and leave to cook (Again the timeframe changes if you use a kerosene, gas or electric stove)
  • The stew is ready.

PS: You can know that the stew is boiled when it starts having a pervasive aroma and the colour looks palatable. Use the comment section to let us know how it worked for you.

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