How to organize a House Party

Organizing a house party can be an ordeal if it’s the first time you’re throwing one and so we have decided to write a short tutorial on how to organize a small house party for you and a few guests.

If you are organizing a house party and you aren’t quite popular, one of the first things to do is befriend a popular person and invite them to your party. This would make them invite other [girls] people for your party which saves you the stress. The space you have in your house tells you how many people to invite and how many people to tell your invited guests to invite, so, use ya sense. Generally, invite 30 girls for every 10 guys as some girls will definitely disappoint.

Spacing. Before the party starts, remove furniture, televisions, paintings and other valuables. Leave a few chairs though, where people can sit when they are tired. Also, install a low watt disco bulb or a dim bulb so faces are not too easily recognizable.

Drinks. Get more vodka, whiskey and hard liquor than mixers and juices because later during the party when people are tipsy, they would not notice that they are drinking raw liquor. If you’re a nice guy and can afford it, you can also make a light ponche to help with the general drinks.

Smokers section. Like it or not, when you invite people to a party, a few of them would most likely want to smoke (whether a cigarette or something a bit harder); so as not to make the ladies and guys who don’t smoke uncomfortable, create a section of the house a smokers section so those who smoke do their thing in peace.

Light. Be sure of a constant power source. If possible, get a generating set for the night or if the power supply in the area is reliable, then keep the power on always. Also, install fans and air conditioning and keep the house well ventilated.

Sound. Get a good sound system and a recent dancehall playlist and if you can afford one, get a competent DJ. Otherwise, have someone who is in tune with the recent ‘club bangers’ man the deck.

Make your house look funky. If you can, draw on your walls or make available some shisha pots; basically anything that makes your house party interesting. Also, include games like Devil’s basket or other interesting things and your house party is ready to rip! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.


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