How to handle an Annoying Client

“Manners maketh man” said the cool gentleman spy in Kingsman: The Secret Service. This is something lacking today not just in the business world but in the world at large. A lot of times, people think because they pay you money for a service, they have a right to be rude, uncouth and downright annoying.

As a person, it’s only human that a lot of the time you’re tempted to talk back or to tell a client (or employer) in plain terms that their ideas and opinions and manners of speech suck, but we can’t do that can we? We need their money after all. So, in this article, we will talk of some practical ways of pacifying and satisfying your annoying clients without going out of your mind.

  1. There are two types of annoying people in this world: deliberately annoying people and unconsciously annoying people. Deliberately annoying people know that they are annoying and seek only to get you riled up; these are the people you need to take more care against.
  2. When a client is being deliberately annoying, one of the best ways to take care of it is to first of all recognize what he’s trying to do and then decide not to get angry. Instead of getting vexed, smile and laugh with him: he’ll either give up in exasperation or forget he was trying to be annoying and laugh with you, or be more annoying, in which case you are allowed to give him a piece of your mind, LOL. (Please do not give him a piece of your mind, abeg).
  3. When a client is being unconsciously annoying, be polite and take your time to explain the issue even if you’re seething inside. For instance, someone wants you to design a website and is offering you $25. Of course, you will always be tempted to laugh and tell him to f*ck off, but being a professional, you should keep calm, explain the reasons why $25 won’t cut it and then give him your price. Once you insult a client, he most likely will never come back; but when you are the ‘bigger man’, they most likely would help you in some way or the other.
  4. For a client expecting the impossible from you and castigating you when you fail to deliver, the only thing you can do is to bear the verbal assault and at the end of it all, explain how the client’s expectations were impossible to achieve. To avoid the situation totally, keep your client updated on your progress levels and when you hit a snag you can’t surmount without downgrading your work, make it known to them.
  5. When a client is being deliberately annoying on the phone and shouting and throwing tantrums, do not hang up on them. Keep on the line and keep telling them ‘I’m with you’ no matter how annoying they are. If you can’t do that, think back to Daddy Orubebe and how Boss Jega handled the situation.
  6. Last but not least, always remember that no matter what amount of money the client brings to your company, he is equally important and should not be compared to other clients. The ‘how much are you even paying’ card might run around in your mind, but never let it escape from your lips (except you’re a lawyer and can afford to be rude to your clients).

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