How to Get Best E-commerce Deals in Nigeria

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of Nigerian internet users who shop for services, and tangible (sometimes perishable) goods online. Of course this is partly due to the advent of trustworthy e-commerce sites like Jumia, Konga, DealDey et al; it is also influenced by CBN’s policy of promoting a ‘cashless society’ and e-banking; generally, we are simply in the age of the Internet.

In this article, we will talk of how to get the best deals on your favourite items when shopping online in Nigeria.

The first way to ensure you get the best deals is to register on the e-commerce websites. Sites like Jumia and Konga give out free coupons worth thousands of Naira on registration. I recently bought an 18-inch standing fan worth N3, 500 on Konga for N1, 500 (one thousand, five hundred naira) using a coupon which I got as a free text message, and it was delivered to my gate free of charge. You can register twice sometimes (with two email addresses), but on most platforms, you can’t use two coupons on the same order. On Jumia, you can’t use coupons on orders less than N5, 000 (five thousand naira). Konga has no such limits by the way.

The next thing you can do is to sign up for the newsletter and actually read them. Several times, we ignore newsletters from sites but you usually see great deals on these newsletters if you care to open and read them.

After newsletters, you should download the apps. Some e-commerce websites give free coupons when you download the app and some even go so far as to give discounts whenever you place your order from the app. Not only are apps easier to navigate than mobile websites, they are also very handy as you get daily updates on deals in your notifications tab (Internet enabled Android).

Another way to ensure you get the best deals is to ‘follow’ the e-commerce sites’ social media accounts. A lot of the time, these giants don’t post ‘news’ on their websites but do so using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BBM Channels. Some of these websites also give out free coupons on weekly basis where anyone who follows them can be a winner. Want great deals? Follow them.

Another great way to get best deals is to go through sales representatives. I don’t know about other sites, but Jumia has sales reps who tell you of all the latest deals you don’t see on the sites and social media platforms. They also give great discounts and throw in some freebies when you place an order. Although they aren’t exactly ‘easy’ to find, Twitter and BBM are places where you can begin your search.

Last but not least, look out for holidays and sales weeks. In the first week of June, Jumia organized a massive phone and tablet mega-week which saw phone prices being slashed by up to 50% with free delivery to all parts of Nigeria. Konga also had a Democracy day Sales recently. So, before you place your order, if it can wait, place it around the time of a holiday (like Christmas) when there’s sure to be a sales promo. Or wait until Independence Day or Easter or Eid or Halloween (not sure about Halloween, though) or any other holiday. This way, you are guaranteed a price slash for your next deal.

Finally, try classifieds websites like Nairaland and Olx; the deals here are ‘third party’ so you should be careful who you deal with. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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