How to Create a Strong Password and PIN

In this age we live in, protecting your data and money is very important and much more difficult due to hackers, identity thieves and internet fraudsters. In the digital world, your accounts, information and funds are protected by passwords and PINs which provide the first line (and sometimes the only line) of defence against those who wish to do you digital harm. In this article, we will be teaching you how to create strong passwords and PINs which will give any random hacker cause to leave your account alone.


Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 4-digit code used to protect several areas of life like your handheld devices, ATM Cards, Computers and sometimes even houses. To create a strong PIN, we will take you through ideas of weak PINs to show you how common they are (and you probably already have one or two weak PINs).

The most common of common PINs is of course 0000. This is usually the default PIN of almost anything and when it isn’t mandatory to change it, a good number of us leave it that way. Another example of a hopelessly easy PIN is 1234.

If your PIN is 2580 or 0852 you are begging to be hacked; as easy as it is for you to remember, so also is it easy for the hacker to guess.

Another terrible PIN idea is using your birth year as a PIN. If the hacker knows you, that would probably the first thing they try, followed closely by your month/year combination. December, 1990 becomes 1290. LOL. You shall be hacked.

If your PINs follow any of these patterns, you may want to follow this article more closely.

YOUR PIN SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! As much as possible, try to make your pin a random number! Close your eyes and type some four digits in your notepad. I just typed 1271 closing my eyes and that is an example of a good pin. While it is easy to remember, it is not an ‘obvious’ pin and so, won’t be very easy to hack.


Passwords are longer and more difficult to hack than PINs but sometimes we use such obvious passwords that hackers sometimes find it insulting that we use such easy passwords. True story: once upon a time, my sister’s password was can you guess what? ‘password’! Another time, her blackberry password was ‘blackberry’. All those times I ‘hacked’ her phone, I just simply guessed. Imagine how easy it was for me. If the password for your Toshiba laptop is Toshiba, LOL to you, bruh.

Another terrible password idea is your name or your partner or child’s name. Since you usually have ten tries for passwords, a hacker would probably go through the list of your name, your wife’s name, your son’s name, and so forth before he tries other things.

To create a strong password, use things unrelated to you but easy to remember. It is also advisable to use combinations of numbers, special characters, lower case and uppercase letters. You can do so by creating your password like ‘Pa33w0rd: pa33’ or ‘Qu1ckway2.c0m’. You can also use something obvious to you but not to someone else like your partner’s phone number. If you forget what the password is, the hint can be ‘Julie’s number’ where your partner’s name is Chidinma Juliana Ike.

Remember, where password hints help you, they also help the hacker. Use a hint that jogs your memory but is not too obvious for every Tom, Dick and Hacker. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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