How to Broil Chicken

Fried chicken is unhealthy and full of calories, sometimes it’s too tough to eat. Boiled chicken is too soft and sometimes is not ‘sweet’. What am I going to do? I love chicken!

Between fried chicken and boiled chicken, there’s a balance: a way-point where you can get the tastiness of fried chicken with its crisp skin and exterior combined with the tenderness and spice of boiled chicken. This way-point is called Broiled Chicken. Of course, as you’ve (probably) guessed, it’s in between boiling and frying.

To broil chicken, you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Raw chicken (of course) cut into pieces.
  2. Spices (whichever you desire)
  3. Vegetable oil (Power Oil and Turkey Brand are my favourites)
  4. Water
  5. Bowls
  6. Frying pans/cooking pots

Broiling chicken is a straightforward procedure but it is not very easy to get right; often times, if not properly done, you may end up frying your chicken totally. To broil chicken, you need patience and perseverance even if you don’t get it right the first couple of times.

To broil chicken, follow the following steps closely

  1. Wash the chicken thoroughly.
  2. Trim the fat of the chicken (if any), making sure the chicken is all meat and skin
  3. Spice the chicken in a bowl (preferably wooden) and leave to marinate in your choice sauce for 30 minutes – 1hour. NB: When broiling chicken, you DO NOT need as much spice as you would use if you intended to fry it. If you use three cubes of Maggi seasoning to spice for frying, use two when you want to broil. The same applies to all other ingredients.
  4. When the chicken has been properly marinated, put it in a pot/pan with water (like you would add when boiling) and then add a generous helping of vegetable oil.
  5. Set the heat to high (or medium if you will be there to supervise) and leave to cook.
  6. IF the chicken is broiling properly, for the first few minutes, you will hear the typical sounds of boiling accompanied by the normal aroma and after another few minutes, it should begin to sizzle and pop. When this has gone on for about five – seven minutes (or as long as is desired), turn off the heat and sieve the broth from the chicken.
  7. IF from start to finish, you hear no sounds of sizzling, then the amount of oil used was not enough and the chicken was simply boiled. This is a common problem as the amount of oil you need can’t exactly be dictated/calculated except through practice. To combat this, if after three –five minutes, you can’t see any signs of broiling, add more oil to the pot and leave to broil. Repeat if same problem occurs but be warned, broiling already broiled chicken is tantamount to frying it.
  8. IF the chicken begins to sizzle and pop before three minutes, the amount of oil added was too much and the chicken won’t be properly broiled. To stop this, turn off the heat, add water and then resume cooking.
  9. Two sachets of the N70 (seventy naira) Power oil will sufficiently broil one kilogram of frozen chicken.
  10. Two recover your oil after broiling, heat the broth with medium heat until all the water evaporates.

PS: Broiled chicken looks very similar to fried chicken; you can only know the difference when you cut open the chicken or poke it with a fork.

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