Where to Find the Best Shawarma in Ibadan

We all agree that shawarma is the best snack ever made by mortal man and we all agree that all shawarmas are equal but some are more equal than others. Now, since I’m in Ibadan and I’m constantly plagued with the need to find quality shawarma, I have decided to share my shawarma spot secrets with y’all.

In Ibadan, there are numerous places where you can get shawarma but I will be focusing on Bodija-Sango-UI axis (because I study in UI). The shawarma spots are listed in no particular order

1. First shawarma spot is Club 411. 411 have awesome shawarma and they open every night from around 7:30pm until about 11:00pm. I am unsure about the price but last time I bought, it was sold for N800. Club 411 is on Awolowo Avenue, Bodija, off Sango-Mokola road. Cash only.

2. The next shawarma spot I will be talking about is Filmhouse Cinemas. Filmhouse Cinemas makes very nice shawarma although a lot of the time there is too much pepper and not enough meat. Their shawarma goes for N850 for one chicken shawarma with one sausage and a choice of one soft drink or N900 for one chicken shawarma with two sausages and no drink. Filmhouse is located at the top floor of the Ventura Mall, Samonda. POS Available.

3. The other shawarma spot I will be talking about is Spices, UI. Spices has the ‘thickest’ shawarma I’ve ever eaten. There’s lots of meat everywhere and it doesn’t get much more shawarmier than Spices. The only drawback is that Spices overspices their shawarma and sometimes add [raw] onions LOL. That said, it goes for N800 for a choice of beef or chicken shawarma with one sausage. Spices is at Abadina Roundabout, University of Ibadan. Cash only.

Where to Find the Best Shawarma in Ibadan

4. Finally, my favourite shawarma spot. University of Ibadan Conference Center. Conference Center has the best shawarma ever! The meat, spices and ingredients are in the right proportion and is not very far from my house haha. Conference Center apart from being the best to me; is also the cheapest. They sell shawarma for N600 for a choice of beef or chicken with one sausage. The only drawback of conference center is the timeframe; those fellows will keep you waiting sometimes for up to 45 minutes for the shawarma. Although it is worth the wait, it’s usually a huge turnoff. Conference Center is located on Chapel Road, University of Ibadan. POS available. NB: Conference Center should not be confused for International Conference Center. CC is located on the main campus, almost opposite Chapel.

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