How to Escape the Friendzone – Part 2

Are you still in the Friendzone after reading How to Escape the Friendzone Part One? Your situation is more dire than I thought and so we’re bringing in the big guns. This short article will change you from a citizen of the dreaded Friendzone to the exalted Bae (LOL, who are we kidding?)

Anyway, after reading How to Escape the Friendzone Part One, I outlined some points that were pretty easy to spot, but women are hardly ever that easy to decipher. Today we take it one step further and show some pretty obvious things that you might have overlooked and hence ended up in the Friendzone.

  • Humans are petty and some women take it to the extreme. If you ever forgot her birthday, this might be a reason why you are in the Friendzone. It seems pretty damn stupid but I have two experiences that fall under this heading. The situation is not too dire as you can mend fences by giving her a big surprise on her next birthday which would make her give you a full hug (if you get a side hug, I’m sorry bruh) and grant you a VISA to the exalted land of Baehood.
  • You’re too independent: This might seem like a surprise, but in my experience, while women like to be taken care of, they (usually) like to bring something to the table when in a relationship and so, if you have a good job, good looks, talk well, dress well, have a good rapport with everybody, that might be a reason why you and your dream girl aren’t together. If you fall under this category, show her your soft tender side once in a while and ask her for advice on things (even if you don’t need it).
  • You talk too much/are too loud: This might seem funny again but a saying goes ‘the more you talk, the less you say’ and I have found out that ladies do not exactly like loud mouthed guys. Sure they can be friends with you, but nobody wants to see their Bae arguing heatedly about Cristiano Ronaldo being a greater player than Messi. If you talk too much, learn to keep your mouth shut at times and when in groups, talk less.
  • Last but not least, you have no ambition: If a lady can’t see a future with you, it goes without saying that she will probably not date you. You need to have plans that she should be able to see or at least hear about when both of you talk. Talk to her about an event you want to organize or something you want to do (you don’t even necessarily have to do it, just talk), and that might be the key to your VISA.

If you’re still in the Friendzone after reading this article, it might be time to accept that the Friendzone is your destiny. Let us observe a moment of silence for our fallen brethren. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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