How to Make French Toast

Once upon a time in a land of classes and hunger, the destiny of a whole class rested on the shoulders of a young scholar, his name French Toast. The classmates partook of this meal and were amazed at the loveliness and taste of this miracle food and so they asked the young scholar

“Ho! Scholar! Tell us, how did you prepare this miracle ambrosia?”

And then the young scholar said: “Hark, pay attention, for I shall teach you the secrets. The secrets of French Toast.”


French toast is relatively easy to prepare, all you need is

[Sliced] White bread (or wheat bread if you’re so inclined)

Eggs (Two eggs for every four slices of bread)

Vegetable oil

Salt and Spices

To prepare French toast, follow the steps outlined

  • Bring out the amount of bread you need; preferably soft, fresh bread.
  • Break your eggs into a bowl, add spices and salt and whisk thoroughly.
  • Pour a measure of the eggs unto a plate that is relatively flat but dips towards the center
  • Using a spatula (an egg flipper), put a slice of the bread on the flat plate with eggs. When it has soaked for a second or two, flip it over to soak the other side.
  • Using your spatula, put the bread in your frying pan (already with oil on medium heat)
  • Leave for a few seconds on the hot pan and flip to the other side. Remove when sufficiently cooked.
  • Repeat procedure for more slices of bread.

Alternate method

  • Follow steps 1-2 above
  • Putting your (slice of) bread on a flat plate, pour a measure of eggs on the bread and spread it out with a spoon.
  • When done, put bread in a toaster and toast as normal.
  • Repeat the procedure for more slices of bread.

French toast can be served with maple syrup, a sauce or even butter. A very tasty respite for the usual ‘bread and tea’ for breakfast routine and is relatively easy to prepare. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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