How to Keep Ants and Cockroaches out of Your Kitchen

Nothing is more annoying than coming inside a kitchen to find ants everywhere. Around your dustbin, on your counter, in your sugar, around your shelf, everywhere! The worst are roaches, those insects that make your skin crawl whenever you see them and have the ability to fly and terrorize you and your household. This tutorial was born under the shadow of the terror reign of Ants and Roaches.

To get ants out of your kitchen is not too hard or exactly simple, but here goes. You need a piece of chalk. That’s right, chalk: the same teaching chalk that old school teachers used to write on blackboards. When you have successfully acquired your chalk, you will need to draw lines (literally) on the floor of your doors; perhaps the door leading out of the kitchen and that leading into store too. You can draw chalk lines on the bottom of your windows and basically anywhere the ants come out from.

For some reason, ants can’t cross chalk and so can’t get into your kitchen or room or wherever. This has worked for my mom and worked for me; you could try it and let us know if it works for you. Now, cockroaches; there is no proven way to totally get rid of cockroaches permanently except you fumigate your house regularly (which is a tad expensive and the smell of fumigants isn’t very easy to cope with). One way, which I have tried and actually works a little, is pepper. You need ground black pepper, which you sprinkle in different areas of your kitchen where the roaches can hide. Apparently the smell drives them nuts. Black pepper can be gotten for as little as 300 Naira in any Shoprite store near you or your neighborhood supermarket.

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