How to Escape the Friend Zone

We all know of the dreaded FRIENDZONE and like it or not, some of our brethren have permanent residency there. Not anymore, though! We have come to revoke the C of O! Anyway, before we continue, I would like to say you might be in the Friendzone because you’re an fagit. If you’re an fagit or you aren’t sure whether or not you’re an fagit, I suggest you read How To Not Be An Fagit here.

Okay, the rest of you, with me. Now, over the years, I have been observing the reasons girls Friendzone guys and have outlined a few observations from myself and from the Experts

  • You’re too nice. This is surely a cruel world. When you are too nice to a girl, there’s an 80% chance that she will Friendzone you. Why? You might ask. According to research, they “don’t want to spoil the friendship with dating” and there goes your chance. This is a very tricky predicament as you can’t stop being nice to her, but you have to be selectively nice. Disappoint her every once in a while and let her know you have other commitments. When done with that, always make it up to her in a little way.
  • You’re needy. I have been informed that girls Friendzone guys that appear needy. When you come to her telling her about your life problems or God forbid, another girl that you have a crush on, bruh, you’re asking for a one way ticket to Goodbye Baehood, Hello Friendzone. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little advice, but ask for it in a mature quasi-independent manner.
  • You have too many female friends. This I know from personal experience from the days when I too was an occupant of that dreaded country. Girls will usually Friendzone you if you have too many female friends or she sees you hanging around or calling too many females (don’t ask me how many is too many, I have no idea). One way to get out of this category of Friendzone is to reduce how many of your friends you play with or hang around in public and also let your intentions know to your choice girl subtly. Chances are she will either love up or thing you’re joking. 50-50.
  • You’re friends with her boyfriend or ex. I throw the term ‘friend’ around here very loosely because most girls will NOT date you if you even know their ex or boyfriend. Any girl that does probably already likes you and so you don’t need to be reading this article. So what do you do if you like the babe but you and her ex know each other or are friends? There is only one way I know of to escape this situation: Attrition. Suffer the Friendzone in silence for a couple of months and continue being such a darling friend and when she has gotten over her ex fully, POUNCE.

That’s it for part one of this article; if you’re still in the Friendzone or your category isn’t here, check back some other time and we will have something for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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