What Internet Service Provider Is The Fastest / Most Reliable In Lagos

In need of fast internet? reliable internet? Good… We can help you, especially if you live or work in Lagos. As always we do our ground work and then we get back to you on our findings. So here goes…

Relative to your location and general geography the fastest internet service provider (ISP) in Lagos is SWIFT 4G (and no this is not affiliate marketing)… They are however far from being the most reliable. Second to swift in a very close race would be Etisalat Nigeria, they are far more reliable than SWIFT 4G but also slightly more expensive.

The Breakdown

In the last 3 months of testing, trial and errors… It is safe to say that your SWIFT Myfy could go down for an entire day with no explanations. This has become a very normal thing with swift. It may not happen every week but it does let you down when you least expect it to. It is still however the fastest you will find for all intents and purposes.

Etisalat on the other hand has experienced no such down time in the same space of time. They are significantly slower than SWIFT but the difference is not a major issue for the average Nigerian. Take for example, on my SWIFT I could download a torrent at say 1MB per second in a place with average reception, but on my Etisalat, I am more than happy with 300KB per second in an area with moderate to excellent reception. This in no way implies that Etisalat can not go faster than this, we are simply comparing the average.

Pros & Cons

Etisalat clearly has more coverage, haven been an older ISP they have a solid network and coverage offering as opposed to SWIFT who still possess a lot of blind spots currently. If you do however end up with SWIFT in an area whee they are excellent you will be thankful you chose SWIFT 4G.

Foot Notes

Etisalat will charge you a flat rate of 10,000 naira for 10GB of data while Swift will charge you about 8,000 naira for 14GB of data during the day and unlimited data from 12 am to 6 am. SWIFT is looking like such a bargain is it not.

You can find all Etisalat Data Plans HERE and you can visit HERE for all SWIFT data plans and mouse over the “Service Plans” section of the menu and choose what best suites your needs on the drop down.

NB- Yes we attempted Spectranet, Smile, MTN, GLO and even Airtel… They were abysmal at best. This is not to mean that there are no areas where these ISP’s have great reception. It just means SWIFT 4G and etisalat are the only talkables in the category as far as coverage and reliability goes. Whatever you do though STAY AWAY FROM GLO… must be the absolute worst ISP in Lagos and coming from me that say a whole lot.

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