Inverter Set Up For A Self Contained: Everything You Need

To the point, you hate the noise generators make and you may be completely uninterested in paying the ridiculous amount you may have to shell out on buying petrol and maintaining the generator. In the long run an inverter will cost less because it is a one time set up and it cost relatively nothing to maintain. (All it needs to do is charge somehow) Meaning you can still manage with poor or abysmal PHCN electricity.

So lets come on the internet and find blue prints for a quick self contain inverter setup and we find nothing. Well, curiosity let to my setting up one for myself so I could teach it… well not teach per say but give blueprints, costs and brands that came highly recommended when buying parts and things.

In my personal set up I have:

  1. 1 Access Sealed Lead-Acid Battery (Solar) DJM12150 (12V150AH)
  2. 1 Intelligent power inverter (1000 Watts)
  3. Lots of wires and plastic wire concealers

So how did this work? Well, I would not advice you attempt setting it up yourself. Best to get and expert electrician person since that will pretty much save you all the trouble. But everything that was purchased for an inverter setup that will last a full day with a full charge was just slightly less than 100,000 naira. In fact, there is also the guarantee that this solar battery can last 2 years without giving you any problems. You would probably spend the entire cost of the inverter set up on fuel in 3 months… minus the cost of a generator if we are comparing cost effectiveness.

So no need to worry about the cost implications for an inverter setup for your self contain. Its quick easy and cheap to set up.

As for what this can power though, I don’t personally have a long list of electronics. A giant subwoofer with 3 speakers (Left right and center), a 52 inch flat screen TV, a ceiling fan, a fluorescent and an extra socket for an extension that charge all gadgets, laptops, phones, tabs…. Sefini.

I should imagine this is more than enough. Adding say a PS4 or an Xbox One to the mix for people who like to play games can not be much of a ask I imagine.

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