HP Envy M6 Not Starting Up: How To Fix

Hi guys, been a minute we wrote any new tutorials on here, well we are back now to helping you solve general day to day problems.

Today we want to talk about the HP Envy M6, a very common problem with this line of PC’s is that you may start it up and the power button and the F12 light for the WiFi comes on orange but goes back off after about 5 seconds. In some cases the computer may finally boot up after 10 to 15 tries in many cases it never comes on at all.

In many cases all sorts of diagnoses would be given for this. If you are lucky enough and you are outside Nigeria you might get it to HP and have it replaced… When I personally tried to get said Envy M6 to the HP support center in Lagos they had it for 3 months and returned it further damaged. Nullifying my warranty and basically handing me a Laptop that was no longer functioning. Did everything to try and get all of these sorted with the help of many third party repairers. In the end it became a case of replacing this RAM today, re-coupling this and that and basically a computer that never worked 3 days straight.

Out of curiosity I asked to see the motherboard on this computer. Apparently the VGA and alternator are soldered together. The motherboard is not properly designed or built. Hence a laptop that did not last a week.

You might want to begin to pay attention to the fact that the entire Envy line is a failed attempt at replicating Mac Books… A miserably failed attempt at that…

The Solution?

I sold the laptop for parts at around 10% of its cost price… That does not account for cost of repairs since purchasing it. So you might want to STAY AWAY FROM HP in whatever you do. Their recent stock of overpriced Mac Book clones are the worst bits of gadgetry money can buy.

These computers are not properly built and you should not risk your investment on something that does not function. So there you have it. To fix this problem you may want to look into getting more durable computing options like say the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon… Similar fragile looking design but very durable in comparison.

Good luck picking a better computer to purchase next time.

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