Where To Find The Best Pizza In Lagos

Ha this question took me nearly two weeks of research to get a definitive answer, an answer that I am confident of and I am certain will not let anyone down. 3 things I look for when I move to a new city 1 is best internet provider (shout out to swift 4g), 2 is best shawarma joint and 3 is best pizza in town and in this case best pizza in Lagos.

No luck with shawarma just yet but I have solved the pizza bit. Debonairs Pizza is the answer to all your questions and prayers. So long as what you want is pizza they are not anybodies mate in that domain. They are so good at this pizza thing they even let you create your own pizza. Amazing right?

Delivery & Where You Can Find Them

Two locations: Ikeja Mall and Victoria Island.

Being on Victoria Island means they deliver to people on the Lagos island pretty quickly. (Took all off 30 minutes to get my order back in my Ikoyi office so.. bye.) As for the mainland fam… I’m so sorry Jackie. The fact that they used to have a place in the Surulere mall was cool until they did not anymore. So if you are super far from Ikeja it may be difficult to convince them on delivery. If you did manage to, you might be dead before your pizza arrived. But that is all by the way, find appropriate numbers to call to place your orders below:

Lagos Island– Call: 01-903 8888, 01-9038890, 01-7921111, 01-7740421, 01-9038891. BB Pin: 296cb99e

Mainland– Call: 07080680111, 07080680112

As for what we recommend you spend your money on, the holy grail must be the triple decker. It will change your life… Followed by BBQ Chicken and Something Meaty.

Debonairs pizza will change your general industry and outlook on life itself and I promise you I am not exaggerating.

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