How To Tag MP3 Files With Your Own Details And Image

Maybe you just started your own music blog, or maybe you are a musician of some kind who wants to tag audio files with images and addresses and what have you. This tutorial will help show you how you can either remove tags placed on audio files by other website owners there by replacing them with your own or how you can just tag a new MP3 file afresh. We have made a short YouTube video for visual aid. You can skip the text area and head below the post and just watch the video directly. (It is however advisable to read this first). Here is our step by step tutorial on tagging MP3 files.

  1. Download MP3Tag from HERE
  2. Install the application on your computer.
  3. Drag and drop mp3 files you want to tag into the interface or simply right click an MP3 file and you will see the option to use MP3 tag.
  4. Edit vital details as you please and do not forget to add an image of choice.
  5. Remember to save!

In some cases if the audio file in question has been downloaded from another source and already contain web addresses and other tags this may not be enough to get rid of all the tags in the file. It is then advisable to right click the audio file after using MP3tag and inspecting the properties. You can see the video for a perfect example of this. As always, when you are don editing always remember to save!

This will generally help with branding audio content for your blog and take up the level of popularity for your website via file sharing. It is advisable to use a detailed image when adding tags to your audio files you intend to share.

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