How To Reduce Data Consumption In Windows 8.1 (Disable BITS)

Yes, so you upgraded your PC to Windows 8.1 and you have noticed you have started consuming 1 gigabyte of data for every 3 hours you are on the internet? Haven downloaded absolutely nothing or streamed nothing. Maybe you are just doing research with your Google or maybe you are just reading Wikipedia. Where did all your data go? Short answer: Windows is swallowing your data and they are not sorry about it.

Maybe you have turned off live tiles on your start screen and done all that and yet you are still burning data, yes Windows is still swallowing your data.

If you came online you would see every tutorial you can find asking you to set your connection as metered, in most cases even this would not work seeing as if you are using dial up/ a modem it is impossible to set it as a “metered connection”. So what is the culprit and how do you fix? How do you stop windows from eating up your expensive data and running you into bankruptcy?

We can help you, the culprit in all cases as we have found is something called Background Intelligent Transfer Services. No jokes, they named it like it was a secret arm of the CIA. Probably because they know it is illegal to be so wicked with peoples expensive data. Anyways, Background intelligent transfer services or BITS is located at Task Manager > Services > Open Services > Background Intelligent Transfer Services.

What you want to do with this service is stop and disable it immediately you connect to the internet or just before.

How To Disable BITS

Follow this breadcrumbs Task Manager > Services > Open Services > Background Intelligent Transfer Services. Meaning: Start your Task Manager with CTRL + ALT + DELETE or by right clicking on the taskbar, head over to the services tab, click the icon and text that says “Open Services”, BITS would normally be the 14th service running on the list. Simply select it and click the stop icon on the action bar or right click and click stop. It is advisable to go one step further by right clicking, going into Properties > General > Startup Type and switching it to disabled. This will prevent the service from restarting while you are online for whatever duration of time you are online for in this instance. Keeping in mind the service will automatically restart once you shut down or restart your computer.

I know what you are thinking, how can you disable BITS permanently! Well first of all that is a really bad idea because your version of Windows will need this service for very important PC updates and also because I have actually tried doing this without success. The most I have managed is is using command prompt to disable the service every 30 minutes if it manages to restart itself. Sometimes when my computer comes on it is disabled meaning my method worked and other times it is enabled meaning… it did not really work after all. In fact, my windows kind of blocked me from using command prompt since so I’m guessing for now I’m not ready to teach my half baked hack to anyone. When I do however find a way to disable BITS permanently, you my dear readers will be the first to know. (Even if this is a terrible idea)

I am confident this will save you a lot of data as long as you remember to use the process once you intend to connect to the interwebs! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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