How To Make Suya Spice (Yaji)

Most Nigerian youths and even adults cannot go a night without buying the very awesome Suya from our super talented mallams. Whoever invented this super snack deserves multiple awards! Suya is Nigeria’s version of barbecue and I dare say it tastes better! It is mainly made of roasted meat but haven’t we ever wondered what the suya spice, Yaji, contains that makes the roasted meat so tasty?
You did? I thought so too!
Here we are, as always, revealing top secret ingredients and methods to you. Thank us later.


• Kuli Kuli: Made from groundnut paste. Fried groundnut paste forms this and it can be eaten as a snack on its own.
• Cayenne pepper.
• Garlic powder.
• Ginger powder.
• Seasoning cubes.
• Salt.


1. Crush or grind the kuli kuli till it’s in a fine, smooth powdered form.

2. Also, grind the skin of the dried cayenne pepper till it becomes powdery.

3. Mix the already crushed kuli kuli and cayenne pepper with the ginger powder, garlic powder, seasoning cubes and little salt thoroughly.

4. Now, sieve the mixture in order to remove the uneven particles that didn’t get crushed.

With that done, you have a fine homemade suya spice ready for seasoning! Fast and easy! Now you can prepare suya at your convenience without having to wait at long queues.

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