Where To Find The Best Sharwama In Akure

Anyone who lives in Akure, Ondo State will admit the town/city is not exactly the best place for turn up… It’s a really quiet place with very little happening. This in turn means the city is perfect for only people looking for down time and not young people looking to have fun… At least for now. The result? It becomes increasingly difficult to find a lot of things.

Personally it took me near 2 months of continuous searching to find the best Sharwama money can buy in the entire place, but I found it. I thought it useful to share that information with other people who might need it so here goes.


Relatively small and hidden even though it is right there on the side of the road, China Town chefs is a small restaurant that (as the name already implies) serves Chinese food and some. Located in the Morims building just after the Oja Oba market (after/before depending on what side of Akure you are coming from). The Morims building in itself is opposite the police station just past Alagbaka.

To the left corner of the morims building is a tiny shop with a logo cast in stone just in front of it. During the day they have table outside for customers to sit and eat seeing as the inside is a bit choked. But at 1000 naira per Sharwama you would not find better Sharwama anywhere else in Akure. When you visit, they tll you the Sharwama will take 15 minutes but truly it’s more like 20-25 minutes. But, you shouldn’t really mind because the Sharwama that is about to come will absolutely make the wait worth it.

Of course Sharwama is not the only thing they do there but it is by far their most sort after meal and many might argue it is the pillar to the business.

The Best Sharwama In AKure

You can contact China Town Chefs on the numbers 07088888555 and 08145083805

And if you manage to try this and still find better Sharwama anywhere in Akure, please do leave a comment so we can visit and review.

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