How To Change Metro UI Color In Windows 8.1

A number of people have been having problems with this, complaining everytime they try to access properties to move Metro UI colors around they end up in the classic properties window where they change wallpapers and what not. It’s also valuable to note the options to change metro UI colors have been moved out of the account settings panel. Why Microsoft did this we will never know but to be quite fair they made it a bit more sophisticated. Here is how you can change colors on your Windows 8.1 PC.

It’s the same process as going into personalizations — except— you have to be on the start menu to do it. Instead of trying to change metro UI colors from any window you are in go back to the start menu before accessing the Charm bar then settings and finally personalizations.

Step by step now, that means first you GO TO THE START MENU >> PULL OUT THE CHARM BAR FROM THE RIGHT SIDE (If your computer is touch smart) or move your mouse cursor over to the right top corner >> CLICK SETTINGS >> CLICK PERSONALIZE and you should immediately be able to edit Metru UI color as in the image above!

It’s really easy, not that confusing too. But this will never work if you are NOT on the Start Menu. Any other window and you wil keep ending up in the classic Wallpaper screen from previous versions of Windows!

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