How To Buy Airtime Directly From Your GTBank Account

Talk about the easy life, you can now simply buy your airtime directly from your bank account. No more failed attempts with Quickteller or trapped cash in Vuvaa, its as simple as dialing a code on your phone now. As is everything in Nigeria, there are always methods as well as do’d and don’ts so firstly we get into the methods of buying aitime directly from your GTBank account.

Method 1: Easiest Method

Using the phone number registered to your GTBank account simply dial *737*Amount# on your phones dial pad and boom you will be credited with your airtime immediately. If you are also set up for SMS alerts you will be alerted of the deduction almost immediately as well.

So to put it in better perspective, if Kunle needs 1000 naira airtime, and he has enough money in his GTBank account all Kunle has to do is pick up his phone (With the phone number connected to his GTB account only) and dial *737*1000# and the end!

Method 2: Via SMS

In this method you simply have to use the following format to send a message to 080766655555. Write a message with: Network Amount NUBAN no. and send to 080766655555. That means if you want 1000 naira airtime on your MTN line (which is connected to your account of course) you can simply send: MTN 1000 1234567890 in a text message to 080766655555. You can probably already tell the NUBAN no. in question here is your account number.

This methods make airtime purchases completely stress free especially for the people who have to recharge their internet data bundles in the most uncomfortable situations. No more failed attempts with these online platforms that claim they can help you recharge fast and whatever. You now control they power now and you won’t have to pay commissions to any 3rd party peddlers. Glory glory GTBank! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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