How To Bathe A Stubborn Dog Without Getting Bitten

If you are like me and you own a Rottweiler or maybe you really like to live on the edge and you got yourself a dubber-man or a bull dog, you must agree that bathing them when they are young and cute is not so bad, in fact it is quite easy. Every little thing they do is cute and funny— till they grow.. Oh my, things change so fast! These dogs will kill you where you stand! With absolutely no remorse! I know this because have experienced it myself, I have battle scars to prove it!

So down to the business of the day, how do you bathe your dog without getting bitten repeatedly? Well it’s simple really, these little things called mouth guards protect you from your vicious dog! Maybe it’s not even a bathe, maybe you are trying to apply doggy powder or comb your dog or something, the older these vicious dogs get the more difficult it is to do these things in peace. Especially if your dog is yet untrained.

They look something like so:





Now to the super tricky part, getting the mouth guard on the dog, If your dog is half as vicious as mine then you will need to seriously pray, if not– lucky you.

My method is to grab the dog by the collar and then slowly put his mid region between both my legs till I can make sure his mouth is not facing me in any capacity, after which I will simply shut its mouth tight with my left hand and hold him in place carefully so he can’t escape when he tries. Of course at this point the mouth guard is already on my right hand (I would be an idiot if it wasn’t). Carefully use the guard on its mouth and buckle around its head.

Once that is done, you can now bathe your dog or get it that very important vaccination injection without being killed first. I am certain this will have helped a lot of people. I know because I have battle scars to prove it.

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