How To Soothe A Sore Throat

The cold weather can cause your throat to become really sore and dry. A sore throat is mostly accompanied with cough, causing serious pains around the throat. You can’t talk, laugh or even swallow without feeling uneasy. Sore throat is caused by bacterial and viral infections, smoking, allergies, too much of singing and yelling etc. This could be a mild issue and can also be extremely serious in which case, you have to see a doctor. Some natural remedies are extremely effective and will be elaborated on below.


Gargling with salt and water solution helps to reduce the swellings in the throat, gradually easing the pain that area. Mix some salt with warm water, gargle with it and spit it out.


Honey and lemon both have anti-bacterial properties. In this case, honey coats the lining of the throat to reduce itching and pain while lemon kills the bacteria.
Mix some honey and little quantity of lemon juice in warm water and drink.


Drinking a hot spicy soup would give you a whole lot of relief. You may feel a little pain in the process of swallowing but you’d feel much more better afterwards.


Baking soda solution would soothe the pain in your throat in no time. It also has anti-bacterial properties, thereby getting rid of the germs causing the sore throat.
Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with half tablespoon of salt in warm water. You can either drink or gargle with this.
You should see a doctor if you don’t feel any better. Keep yourself warm and avoid any energy-sapping singing till you get better.

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