How To Make Embedded Videos In WordPress Display Properly On Mobile Devices

The title seems a bit long doesn’t it, but I do believe this is a tutorial many people need. Especially with the recent growth in the number of bloggers and blog owners you definitely want to read this.

You ever posted a YouTube video or maybe a Vimeo video on your website and it looks absolutely out of place on mobile devices? In many cases it breaks the content wrapper and displays outside the frame of the content leaving everything looking absolutely… Wrong!

We have a quick fix for this, in fact a super quick fix that requires no knowledge of HTML or PHP or whatever! (So far as you are using WordPress to run your blog or website). This is how to make embedded videos in WordPress display properly on mobile devices:

Method 1: Manual Install

  1. Visit THIS PAGE and download theĀ Advanced Responsive Video Embedder plugin.
  2. Upload the plugin to your wordpress back end.
  3. Activate the plugin and boom!

Method 2: Auto Install

  1. Visit the Add New Plugin page on your WordPress back end.
  2. Search for “Advanced Responsive Video Embedder”.
  3. Click Install and activate the plugin.

The plugin supports videos from these list of websites:

  • blip
  • break
  • CollegeHumor
  • Comedy Central
  • dailymotion
  • flickr
  • Funny or Die
  • gametrailers
  • iframe
  • IGN
  • kickstarter
  • LiveLeak
  • metacafe
  • movieweb
  • myspace
  • MyVideo
  • snotr
  • spike
  • TED Talks
  • twitch
  • veoh
  • vevo
  • viddler
  • videojug
  • vimeo
  • Vine
  • XTube
  • Yahoo Screen
  • YouTube

You also get the option to edit settings and behaviors for how you would like for your videos to show up with added effects like the Lazy Load or the standard display option. Try this today and get your videos adjusting automatically to various device screen sizes. This actually works, as a matter of fact we use it here on QWT! Hope this has helped someone? If you have questions please use the comments section below. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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