How To Induce Menstruation Naturally

The normal menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days which includes 5-7 days of menstruation. This may not apply to all females, as some bleeding days may occur for 2 days or abnormally be as lengthy as 7-8 days. Most females have a normal cycle, some with little bleeding, others with very heavy bleeding. As odd as this may sound, some women do not even bleed at all which may be as a result of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Other reasons that may lead to a menstrual cycle with late or no bleeding include stress, weather changes, abortion, excessive use of birth control pills, low iron level, smoking, alcoholism, excessive exercising, diet change, etcetera. Being underweight or overweight can also distort your period. You can check our article on How To Calculate Your Body Mass Index. In very exceptional situations, some women may want to induce their period before a wedding, vacation or any other big event to avoid any spoiler or stress.

In any case, you can follow these methods if you need to induce your period. Be sure to take a pregnancy test first as some of these methods may induce a miscarriage if proper care isn’t taken.


Emmenagogues are herbs that stimulate blood flow in the uterus. These herbs cause uterine contractions and are mostly used by females who have disturbed periods or are trying to abort a pregnancy. Examples of emmenagogues are ginger, parsley, chamomile, rosemary, cotton seed etc. The most potent are ginger and parsley. Drinking tea made from these two will do the trick.


Vitamin C enriched fruits will deplete the uterus of progesterone thereby causing the endometrial lining to shed which in the end, leads to menstruation.


Abdominal concentrated exercises such as sit-ups and jogging may help in the regulation of the menstrual cycle of some women.


Papaya, mostly known as paw-paw, mango and pineapple are heat inducing fruits. They generally cause some heat in the abdominal area. This helps greatly in inducing menstruation.

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