How To Use Google Hangouts On Your Computer Without Google Chrome

So, on October 9th 2014 Google released the hangouts chrome app for Chrome OS and Windows. What most did not know is that this was a lot different from the in browser Google Hangouts extension they had been using previously. With this new Hangouts app that Google has released, you can now use Hangouts staright from your desktop without having it buried in a browser window or depending on Chrome to work. Sleek right? Well we are about to teach you how to use Google hangouts on your computer without Google chrome. (You can see the image above for an example of what it looks like)

Step by step tutorial below:

Step 1- Download the Hangouts Chrome app FROM HERE

Step 2- Install and sign in.

Step 3- Enjoy hangouts straight from your desktop.

The ease this will bring to you is unexplainable, considering there are people out there who don’t use Google Chrome but they want Google Hangouts anyways (Which is quite surprising seeing as Chrome is the best web browser for ages.)

You can drop your comments if you have questions on how to get this done. It is a priceless upgrade for hangouts and one that will see an increase in the use of Hangouts. We hope this was helpful? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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