How to Get that Girl And Keep Her

Hello there, if you’re reading this you’re either of two things: a very curious human being or a very desperate fellow. If you’re the latter, I feel your pain (that’s a lie, I don’t at all) and I want to help you.

Now, the reason why any decent looking male youth is without a female companion is because of one or more of a few things

You’re an fagit. If you’re an fagit, quit this article and go read my ‘How to not be an Fagit‘ and then come back here.

You’re broke/cheap. Nobody likes broke niggas or cheapskates, and least of all, the fairer sex: girls. If you’re broke, there may yet be hope for you. I don’t believe anybody is deliberately broke (except you happen to be a monk or you happen to have taken a vow of poverty) and so I’d advise you to read on.

You’re childish. Now, girls like guys with a few childish mannerisms (it endears them to you) but really don’t like children. If you’re whiny and demanding, that’s why you’re single

You’re a pussy. If you’re gonna be anything, don’t be a pussy. Girls do not like men that are not assertive or men that back out immediately when faced with problems. Don’t be a pussy.

Congrats if you’re none of these things, please read on. You might actually not have the girl of your dreams because you haven’t talked to her, though. And that brings us to our first step of how to get that girl

Be open but not talkative: Girls like guys that talk nice and really do have what to say. When you meet her, be open but don’t go running at the mouth. The phenomenon of TMI exists.

Exude confidence: This doesn’t mean you should get all bossy. If you’re taking said lady to a restaurant you frequent, casually chat up the waiters (you know and recognize), and calmly introduce her to them. Works like a charm.

Dress nice and smell nice: Take care of your appearance, trim your beard, press your shirt, wear Cologne (Smart collection is 500 bucks bro) and NEVER have bad breath or smell of alcohol

Do something different: Everyone loves a break from the norm. If said Lady for instance decides to come visit you, cook something nice (There are a lot of recipes on here, utilize them) and try to dilly dally so she knows you actually made an effort to impress.

Take a hint (but be smart): If said lady is leaning in for a kiss on the first date, kiss her lightly but DO NOT spurn her. She’ll admire your self control and will respect you more (except you’re me, which you aren’t).

Compliment her: Tell her her hair is beautiful, her nails are nice, her gown is lovely. Mean it, if possible. Ladies love compliments and they go a long way, much further than guys think.

After you get her, always treat her nice and always dress nice and smell nice when seeing her. Take her out and make her feel beautiful.

Follow these steps and your celibate and single days may come to an end sooner than you think. I hope this has helped. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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