How To Cook Noodles With An Electric Kettle


  • Noodles (hopefully with the seasoning.)
  • Water


Electric Kettle (of no particular size, and one that has access to electricity). ¬†Also, it would be preferable if you use one without the heating rings at the bottom, unless you don’t mind the clean up afterwards.


Many people wouldn’t have thought it possible, some would think it a myth but it is a myth no more. Today I teach you an ancient art that has baffled many, built empires and forged friendships. Today you will learn…. HOW TO COOK NOODLES WITH AN ELECTRIC KETTLE

There are different methods to learn but some might argue that this is the “healthiest”. So enough with the preamble:

First you boil water in the electric kettle. Note: “Boil”. When the water has boiled you insert noodles into the apparatus (the kettle). At which point you would then begin the boiling process again. This is where it gets tricky; you would need to make sure the kettle does not go off – you’re going to need to use your hand or whatever ingenious mechanism you can devise to hold it in place (preferably not your hand, don’t use your hand, it’s hot are you nuts?) Then you simply wait for 3 to 5 minutes, or until you start to smell something burning (preferably the latter). Then it’s all coasting from here on out. Add seasoning and bon apatite (I’m not sure how that’s spelt, supposed to say ‘enjoy your food in French). Good luck with clean up.



Disclaimer :

This might not be the healthiest diet to follow. But it sure is stress free. takes no responsibility for any ailments that might arise from indulging this method. Peace, love and some more peace to Nigeria. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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