How To Choose Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are used by females during their menstrual cycle to ensure proper hygiene. The use of these products  is dated back to the 10th century when women used rags to absorb blood during their period. Unlike tampons and menstrual caps, sanitary pads are worn externally on underpants instead of inserting them into the genitalia. This makes it easier to be worn and a number women find this comfortable. Also, it is essential to use sanitary towels in order to avoid leakages and odours. They can easily be purchased in most local stores at very cheap prices. There are lots of brands and varieties of sanitary products widely known but a lot of qualities have to be considered before choosing a sanitary towel especially if you’re a starter, that is, you’re just beginning to have your first menstrual experience.

A proper sanitary pad should be able to absorb a large quantity of menstrual blood. At most, you should feel comfortable, dry and not so slimy for about 5-7 hours without having to change. A good sanitary pad should have a middle gel layer that holds in blood and converts it to gel. If you experience leakages within few hours, you should change your sanitary pad.

Sanitary pads can come in different structures. Some may have wings, others may not. Personally, I’d recommend the winged pads. They prevent leakages way better than the non-winged variety. Also, maximum comfortability is assured


Apart from absorbency rate and structure, the texture should also be considered. It should be soft and skin friendly so as to avoid bruises, itches and other skin irritations during the cycle.


The thickness of your sanitary pad totally depends on you. Thickness ranges from panty liner size, ultra thin, regular to super. A female with very heavy bloodshed should consider super while those with light flow can use the ultra thin or regular. Study your menstrual flow and choose appropriately.


Buy a sanitary pad that would cover the vulva fully all the way to distal areas of the anus in order to absorb blood totally. You could get sanitary pads that are 8 inches in length and some are even longer!

Never forget to check the expiry date of the sanitary pads. The closer it is to its expiry date, the weaker it gets. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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